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Carnival Rides and Attractions
Midway West Amusements offers the best in carnival rides.   We have many family rides, including everyone's all time favorite, the Tilt-A-Whirl.  Are you a more experienced riders?  GREAT!  We also have high thrill rides for you like the Zipper and Gravitron.  Whatever your enjoyment is, we have the rides for you!

Midway West Rides and Attractions

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Our current ride lineup includes:

Adult & Teen Rides
*Tornado *Ferris Wheel *Sizzler *Gravitron *Inverter *Super Loop
*Swinger *Star Trooper *Zipper *Tilt-A-Whirl *Loop O Plane
Kid Rides
*Sooper Jet *Himalaya *Berries *Dune Buggies *Motorcycles *Drummer Boy
*Boats *Pirates Cove *Super Slide *Raiders *Carousel *Bees
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